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Wicked Steel
Wicked Steel Micro Edition

A classic style side scrolling shooter complete with seventeen stages! Fight huge Bosses with multiple weapons each of which can be blown off! Your battles take you through space, over land and even underground!

Cast Mode:
Play up to four stages followed by an end boss. What stages you get depend on how well your doing. If you get shot down you do not have to replay the same stage over again! Instead you are given an easier stage. When you complete a stage you get one that's harder. So no matter how good you are you can enjoy Wicked Steel! As you improve your skills you will be rewarded with new and harder challenges.

Survival Mode (Unlockable - Complete Boss Battle to Unlock):
Unlike the other modes where you have a good supply of armor Survival does not allow you to be shot at all. If you get shot even once, it's game over. The object is to survive as many stages as possible! In this mode you play through all seventeen stages in order of difficulty. How long can you survive?

Random Mode (Unlockable - Complete Cast Mode to Unlock):
The order of the stages are randomized! Attempt to complete all seventeen stages with as many points as possible! You are given plenty of armor and like Cast Mode, you gain extra armor each time you complete a stage.

Boss Battle Mode (Unlockable - Complete Random Mode to Unlock):
This is a time attack fight against every boss in the game! Be sure to grab all the powerups you can get because they keep coming at you one after the other untill they're all dead!

Wicked Steel is no longer available Over The Air.

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Download to PC:
If you have a way to install J2ME games from your PC to your phone you can download the Jad & Jar files below.
Due to the hundreds of phone models, Nuclear Playground cannot supply support on how to do this.
Download Version 1.05 (79KB)
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