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Mutiny Game Engine

Mutiny Game Engine

Mutiny is an independently developed game engine.
It is intended to be the groundwork for games that I create. The purpose being that I can rapidly create games without having to reinvent the wheel each time I start a new project.
This project has been broken up into Phases. Each of these Phases signify a major stage in the evolution of the engine. I do not believe it will ever be perfect or complete. At this time it has not matured enough for licensing.

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Mutiny Phase I
Some core concepts of Mutiny had actually originated in the 2D game Wicked Steel. I wanted to take these ideas and others into a 3D game engine. Phase I was the alpha version. It was not capable of running an actual game but provided a playground for developing and testing features that would later be used in future games. Diversion was in its infancy when Phase I was complete.

Technologies: C++, DirectInput8, Direct3D9
Mutiny Phase I
Mutiny Phase II
This was the milestone signifying that the core of the engine was complete. The attachment system, basic physics, user interface, basic rendering etc. At this time, focus of development shifted to game-related features and Shader support. The end of Phase II was marked by the release of the Demo version of Diversion.

Technologies: C++, DirectSound8, DirectInput8, Direct3D9, HLSL, Shader Model 2.0 & 3.0
Mutiny Phase II
Mutiny Phase III
The next phase for Mutiny dropped support for DirectX9, Windows XP and legacy Direct3D rendering. Instead, DirectX10 and Shader Model 4.0 is be used for all graphics rendering. This allowed the renderer to be better optimized and improved on resulting in significant performance and visual gains. It also simplified development by eliminating technologies that the target audience no longer uses. Phase III will primarily be a graphics update for the release of Diversion and a new yet to be announced title.

Technologies: C++, DirectSound8, DirectInput8, Direct3D10, HLSL, Shader Model 4.0
Mutiny Phase III
(C) Kevin Reems