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There is no hero.
There is no epic story.
There is no set path.
Waste anything that moves in an attempt to save your own ass.

Silent Chaos is an independently developed action/adventure game.
Although there are many RPG elements the focus is on action. Everything happens in realtime. Battles do not wisk you away to another screen.

Players face large numbers of enemies at a time and have to figure out how to use their weapons, magic, other party members and the environment to survive.

The world consist of a collection of areas, most of which have their own theme. Scattered about the world are magic crystal fragments. The goal of the game is to obtain all of these which will open a gateway to home (you are marooned). And yes I know how original this sounds. But unlike other games you are free to travel the world when and how you wish. The game is completely nonlinear, and not in a kinda-sorta way. You go where you want, when you want. The fragments can be taken in any order and as an added bonus each one gives you a new circle of magic. Never are you blocked by mysterious objects or story elements.

There is a story but it doesn't hold your hand and pull you along. Much of the story is told through the actions of characters in the world. There are NPC's you may talk to for more information but it's an optional task. You never have to find so and so in some far away town and read pages and pages of text only to return to the same place you were with a key that unlocks.. something. In Silent Chaos if you find a door that's locked you can pull out your favorite weapon and bust it down!

Up to four players can play on one PC.
Network up to four PC's via LAN or Internet.
Supports all direct input devices (gamepads, joysticks etc.).
Pick up and use anything.
Totally non-linear.
Intelligent AI which scales with character experience.
Realtime fighting.
Spells improve with use instead of being replaced.
Stats increase due to use. Lift heavy stuff, Str goes up etc.
Scalable game options allow a wide range to PC's to run the game.
Silent Chaos has been put on hold indefinitely.

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